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Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. Hope in the face of hardship is a recurring theme in much of literature today.

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn: Essay Q&A

As human beings, it is in our DNA to survive—despite circumstances that make it difficult to do so. A human beings innate ability to survive shows itself in the way our bodies interpret danger or difficulty—it is in our blood to crawl and struggle toward the sky regardless of the ground from which we may start from, like trees.

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In turn, this allows to reader to understand the strength inherent in all human beings, in addition to the personal strength that one must find within themselves in order to survive the world. Like Francie, this tree finds a way to grow wherever it is planted, despite the difficulty and impossibility of it all. The Tree of Heaven only grows in the poor part of Brooklyn, where Francie lives.

This fact highlights the concept that there is true grit in the poorest parts of society, where people live day by day, and cannot afford even basic necessities.

From the beginning, Francie Nolan is a fighter, and survivor. She was a sickly child—the most difficult child that her mother ever gave birth to. An example of a contrasting scene in the novel is that of the little rich doll who was giving away a beautiful doll to a girl named Mary.

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This motif of injustice is prevalent throughout the novel. For example, the novel points out in the story that there was something very sad about the fact that the children are made to grow up before they are supposed to. The sad thing was the injustice of the situation: the fact that the poor are often completely overlooked, weather it is in schools, or the workplace, or even in their own neighborhood, and are unable to get out of the life that they are in.

While in the 21st century, there are more services and organizations that help immigrants understand their rights, there were not many people who cared back then.

The Case For A Tree Grows In Brooklyn As The Great American Novel

What makes Francie different from the other characters of the novel is the fact that she realizes that she is no tree. When Francie does not enjoy school, she finds a better one. For example, her mother allows her to waste coffee if she pleases because even poorer people need to feel like they can waste something rather than feel as though they are so desperate they will take whatever crumbs they are given. This shows Francie that she is fully capable and deserving of a better life, and that even though she is poor, she can rise up.

It is because she is a very intelligent child in a neighborhood filled with poorer children whom do not have mothers who required them to listen to the bible and Shakespeare each night that Francie does not fit in. Poverty makes something harsh out of everyone—it creates an alcoholic in her father, a worker in her mother, and a survivor out of Francie.

When that tree is hurled at her and her brother, they show their stubborn and independent will. Their nature mimics that of the tree presented earlier in the story: A tough but puny little thing that shoots up through the cracks of broken stubbornly despite all the impossibilities of it ever reaching the sky.

Free Essays - A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Tree Grows

This antithesis of character of the tree shows the reader the truth of humanity: That it endures. In essence, the role of the tree in the novel, A Tree Grows In Brooklyn , is a helpful symbol in the story of a girl who realized that though she was like a tree, she was not one. And though Francie lived in poverty and started school late and never got to attend high school, she persisted because she knew she deserved better. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. In my spare time, I hocked jewelry at craft fairs and embroidered dollhouse rugs that I sold to a miniature shop. I walked from store to store in the depressed town I lived in, filling out applications, hoping to make something above minimum wage.

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It was hard to find a job there. By the end, they were gone. I was doing all this for college. Kids who go to good schools usually have had help—SAT prep, tutoring, sophisticated parents to guide them through the process. I had none of that. Despite my good grades, my family wanted me to go to community college. To them, school was for getting a job, so it made sense to take the cheapest route.

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If I insisted on a four-year college, why not Oral Roberts University? It was a means of opening up the world. The only solution, I decided, was to figure out college myself. Going would take money, so I saved everything I made. I rolled pennies in paper tubes that I took to the bank. I worked long closing shifts at fast-food restaurants where I scrubbed behind deep fryers, pulling out fossilized french fries and congealed lumps of grease. Desperately poor, she wrote ten pages every morning in the kitchen while sitting by the chimney.

This was a frugal act: the people below lit a fire, which gave her free heat.

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This self-discipline also allowed Smith to go back to school long after dropping out. As a married woman in her twenties, she attended high school in Ann Arbor alongside teenagers. She then went on to University of Michigan, where, despite two young children, she won the Avery Hopwood Award for playwriting. Later, she went to Yale Drama School, but had to leave after her divorce.

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She never earned her degree. She did, however, discover freelance writing, and kept a careful record of how much she earned from her work, down to the penny.