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Optimize experiences with intelligent technologies Embrace AI and machine learning and emphasize hands-on experience to help students prepare for the jobs of the future and take advantage of new opportunities. Find higher education and research software tailored to your needs. Create new ways for staff and students to communicate, interact, and collaborate while driving successful outcomes for higher education and research. Jump-start your transition to an intelligent enterprise.

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SAP Model Company for Higher Education and Research Become a digital leader with a prepackaged, ready to use service that delivers predefined end-to-end business processes, test cases, configuration guidelines, and project accelerators for your industry. How is SAP leading digital transformation? Watch the video. See how customers are succeeding with SAP. Read the customer story. Find more customer success stories. Solve your specific higher education and research needs.

Enable the digital campus with SAP and Apple The partnership between SAP and Apple allows educational institutions to provide students with mobile access to information on everything from courses to IT requests. Read the article. Read the report.

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To allow students to build virtual motorcycles, via a system containing real sata for a multi-divisional international firm. To increase the employability of students by exposing them to ERP job market and preparing them for employment. How the elements of SAP system are rolled out within a typical business enterprise, theory and case studies.

Document flow. Accounting: Accounts Receivable and Payable.

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Asset Accounting. General Ledger.

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    SAP Netweaver. Composite Applications. Repository Keepers v Disruptive Innovators. Lecture slides contain multimedia links to screen recordings and podcasts that run from the university streaming server, which provides a course of student-directed learning that prepares them for the lab exercises. Lab tutors must do the course to qualify to teach it.

    The nature of the two teaching strategies is therefore as follows: 1. Mazzulo, J.