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The Help by Kathryn Stockett (Book Review)

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Why do you think she is forced to lie to her? How are they examples of two different worlds?

The Help by Kathryn Stockett Essay

Could the scene have been avoided in any way? Why is this significant? There are many small turning points in the novel that Kathryn Stockett uses to stir our interest. What is characteristic of the way the three protagonists use language?

Can you find any stock phrases or expressions that are individual to our narrators? What do you think they symbolize?

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Can you find other symbols? Can you find any examples of this in the book?

Then make a digital presentation of your findings to the class including the music of the times, historical photos from magazines and newspapers found online. Skip to content.

A Southern Mirrored Window

Choose language: English ChevronDown. Show competance goals SubjectMaterial Fagstoff. Literary Analysis Setting a Where and when does the story take place? Then discuss with a partner why you think a character may be put into the category of stereotype, static or developing. Narrators and Point of View a Who are the narrators of the story? Choose one of the following themes and write an essay where you discuss and exemplify how the theme is developed in the novel.