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I'd think this would be even worse for you than playing a game where you shoot by pressing A. However, you don't really see anyone railing against NERF for making kids more violent. As one of the researchers who actually conducts scientific studies on both the "positive" and "negative" effects of games, I am always impressed by how worked up people get about these issues. Can games have positive effects?

You bet they can! I've done studies showing that prosocial games increase prosocial behaviors, educational games improve educational skills, and that general games are linked to better advanced surgical skills among surgeons. This makes sense - it's learning. Humans are remarkable learners, and they learn even when they don't know they're doing it.

Yet all that learning power of the human brain doesn't turn off when the content changes to violent content. We learn that too, and it changes attitudes, feelings, and ultimately can change behaviors. Don't pretend that games can only have the effects we want.

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If they can have effects learning one thing, then they can have effects learning other things too. We need to stop pretending that the science isn't good. It's better than just having an opinion - it helps us decide which opinions are actually backed up by more than an anecdotal experience.

That said, just because games can have these multiple effects it doesn't mean that researchers want to "ban" games. In fact, none of the researchers want that. The science is entirely separate from the question of what we should do about it. The Supreme Court case is a meaty constitutional case with a lot of issues.

The science is only one aspect. The Justices will need to consider legal precedent, community standards, the specific language of the original bill, and several other issues as well as the scientific evidence. This is a good issue for them to consider as it is useful for trying to understand the limits of children's first amendment rights as well as the limits of states to act to protect children.

Regardless of what they decide about the constitutionality of this specific law, the science is what it is. Games are incredibly excellent teachers.

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Not all of the things they teach are intentional, but are incidental. Parents need to understand that so that they pay more attention and get involved in their children's media habits. There is also excellent scientific evidence that when parents are highly involved in their children's media habits, that's a powerful protective factor for children.

The Unfulfilled Potential of Video Games

Hi Dr. Gentile, kudos to you for being willing to look at negative effects of video games. People are always happy to laud and fund scientists who find the positives in whatever it is that they like or make money from. But are often pretty condemning of those scientists who are willing to look at potentially unpopular corners of reality.

So I have nothing but admiration for you for being willing to do research that is often quite unchic and unpopular. Exactly, it drives me crazy the way so many defenders of violent video games are happy to learn that video games can have positive effects on the players, but then act like video games are magic boxes, only good can come from them, never, ever anything bad. The problem, as I see it, is that both sides of this issue exaggerate. Playing violent games can make you more aggressive, just like being put in a violent environment can.

In fact, it's probably the same brain mechanics that make that happen. However, action-packed games that usually are violent have also been shown to improve eyesight, critical thinking under pressure, and even increase the limit of things we can pay attention to at once. The key to this, as with everything, is moderation and self-control, but a healthy sense of the differences between fiction and reality never hurts.

The best of both worlds is to have people play games like Splatoon that are structured like more violent FPS games, but are not actually violent at all. In Splatoon you play as a little squid person who is trying to cover everything in ink, that hurts no one but is still just as action-packed and exciting as something like COD. The writer of this article has completely failed to take the personal accountability of parents into account.

A violent video game will have a different effect on an adult than it will on a child. Just as well, a violent video game or any violent media will have different effects based on the individual in question. If a child is allowed to play violent video games with no regulation of their ability to disassociate media violence with actual violence or distinguish between the two, then yes, the game will have a detrimental effect on the child.

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Perhaps someone who has a self described bias towards peaceful coexistence shouldn't have taken on the task of writing an article about violent media. The "can't we all just get along? Violence is not something that is taught to us. Ignoring this and going under the assumption that children will always act peacefully if their environment is manipulated enough to be considered peaceful is foolish at best. Someone previously commenting whether there is increased violence in real life. YES there is. Where I live it is an extreme problem, especially for the youth yo.

Unprovoked violence, frequently after consumption of copious amounts of alcohol. And don't tell me that that is because of the alcohol, as I remember being able to go out and see a lot of alcohol being consumed but the violence frequency did not occur in little less than 10yrs ago. Not to mention the increasing amounts of reported "mowing down" with a car attacks of people walking in the street hmmm I smell grand theft auto.


The recent incidence of this was reported as jealous ex ramming his love rival, the second was a random attack on 2 women walking home in the evening. Both perpetuated by males under These crimes have never really been seen until recently. Enough said. Its not just the video games, its also tv shows aimed at children. What is trully troubling is that this cartoon has more acts of violence in it than the entire episode of the A-Team which was rated PG in its hey day of the s.

The cartoon lasts probably about 20minutes, while the A Team lasted around 45minutes. What is worse is that the greater majority of parents see nothing wrong with it. I think because too many of them were brought up on violence themselves and think nothing of it All I have to say is wait 15 or so years and see what will be happening then, when the current load of toddlers and pre-schoolers grow up.

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I hope its not your kid they will be aimlessly bashing for thrills. All I can say is that children, even if they can tell difference btw tv and reality which is not completely the truth - most of you forget The difference being that the other year old cannot at times tell the difference between a mock high kick and really harmfully intended one, or what happens frequently, due to lack of physical co-ordination the unintended kick actually hits the mark, and that is where REAL violence is then begun between the play mates.

And so the cycle starts. I find it weird how gamers get so hyped up when there is an article published showing scietific reasoning why violent games are not so good for our society I don't have that much of an issue with adults sometimes playing violent games. I have an issue with people who do that all the time - for many it is their second or sometimes even 1st and most important life. That is a problem. And I have issue with children getting the exposure to that too. As I do not want my son bashed to death, or king hit, hitting his head on concrete and dying or being left severly brain damaged, as it just happened recently to a teenage boy who was attacked unprovoked while walking home from his job by unknown, to him, assilants.

That is the current reality for the youth in this country. Or, the mate who tried to order party crashers out of his mates house, was attacted and bashed to death, he was almost These are the reports I hear daily. This was not the case when I was that age. Yes they occured but not this frequently, and no its not due to population growth. I expect a barrage of comments Nice biased opinion. I'll make sure to skip your comment.

It means absoulutely nothing when you only say half the arguement. Let's be factual: Fact — Our basic instincts as well as our behavior patterns are lodged in our subconscious mind. Fact — peace bring peace, violence bring violence…likes attracts likes. How can we have a peaceful society when the media is full of violence? How violent video games will help to promote and keep peace? Coincidentally enough, kids in third world countries have very limited access to videogames, but they still practice those values.