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Oftentimes, when given the opportunity, children will never return to the locations where they were spanked and traumatized. This is why many teenagers go off to college in different states from where their parents live and act radically different from how they acted around the presence of their friends and family.

Creating a hostile environment for children by spanking them makes them shut down. This unwillingness to learn is not what we should be advocating for our children. Especially when some children may possibly suffer from undiagnosed learning disorders. What Corporal Punishment Teaches Children Violence is the Answer Corporal punishment teaches children that violence is a viable way to change the behaviors of people around them.

Hitting children for their transgressions can translate into said children hitting their own children and other family members for their transgressions. This observation can justify why a man beats his significant other or vice versa. For example, an Iraqi soldier flogs an American soldier countless times in order for the American soldier to disclose where his station is located.

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Or a teacher spanks a student who is talking over her in class because she would like him to pay attention to her. Or a father spanks his daughter for being rude to her mother. In all three examples, people from different walks of life employ corporal punishment in order to achieve their personal agenda. The Iraqi soldier wants to bomb the American base, the teacher wants the student to only listen to her, and the father wants his daughter to be respectful to her mother.

In many of these cases, the corporal punishment method seemingly works. The Iraqi soldier gets the information from the soldier, the student in the classroom does not say another word during class time, and the daughter does not disrespect her mother again for the day. But notice that corporal punishment tricks people into believing that they achieved their goal. The long term effects of flogging every American soldier in sight will not end up well for the Iraqi soldier, and neither will spanking a child for being disrespectful.

3 Arguments Against Corporal Punishment in Schools

The Iraqi soldier will end up dead, and the teacher and father will end up losing respect from the children, making it even harder to discipline them down the line. The moral of the story is solving problems with violence ends up being counterproductive because later on, the roles will switch and the abuser will become the abused and vice versa.

Instead of highlighting the importance of communication and listening, corporal punishment establishes an understanding of authoritarian intimate relationships. The most important factor of any healthy relationship is communication, yet parents hypocritically teach their children the opposite by employing a relationship that teaches children to talk with their hands and not their mouths. Fear and artificial control are established in an authoritarian relationship and nothing good comes from those two things.

Parents are so fixed on establishing and maintaining control that they lose sight of their purpose, which is to raise up healthy, functioning members of society. Many adults today struggle with alcohol abuse, suicide ideation, and learning disabilities because of their psychological response to being subjected to violence when they were young and weak.

A healthy member of society should not be struggling with abuse or addiction problems. Parents that subject their children to corporal punishment play a risky gambling game because of the negative long term outcomes that they potentially impose on their children. Corporal punishment may seem to be the short-term quick fix answer, but parents need to analyze the long term implications that this form of abuse has.

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Women who grow up being spanked are more susceptible to domestic violence cases because of their thwarted psychological health. Violence in the home is not normal, and we should not teach children that. Unfortunately, he was spanked as a child for having a learning disability which is not something that he can control Anderson, Having a learning disability warranted him to be spanked more often than his peers when he had no control over the amount of drugs his mother may or may not have used while she was pregnant with him Anderson, KJ grew up believing that he deserved to be spanked and that spanking was normal when all he needed was someone to be patient with him.

Boys who grow up seeing their fathers spank his daughters have a higher propensity of doing the same to their own daughters. Girls who grew up being spanked by their fathers subconsciously develop rationalizations for why it might be acceptable for a male to put his hands on a female. Normalizing a violent home life perpetuates a dangerous system.

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If parents do not want their sons and daughters living in dangerous Into the Mind of a Parent The Explanation If we were all to pretend to be small substances and we entered into the mind of a parent, we would see a lot of loose electric wires and dripping water from a few burst pipes, but mainly there would be three main objects; a hamster wheel, a community bench, and a police car. These three things represent a few but not all influential factors that dictate how parents decide to discipline their children.

The hamster wheel represents the journey that a parent undergoes to discipline their child using corporal punishment. The community bench represents the pressures a parent faces from the community when it comes to keeping their child out of trouble on the streets. Lastly, the police car represents the influences that the law enforcement plays on how a parent might raise their child.

The Hamster Wheel No parent wants to hit their child. The question becomes why parents spank their children when a majority of them claim that they would rather not. Many parents are stuck on the generational hamster wheel of violence. Each generation of parents is defeating the new generation by deleteriously chipping away at an incomplete cognitive mind. Parents need to see that running on the hamster wheel is weakening their child. The hamster wheel has become a safe haven for parents.

They would rather keep running and panting on the hamster wheel because they do not know life without it. They justify all the negative outcomes of corporal punishment by claiming that all the cons will make the next generation stronger. But, as society continues to grow and learn about the human mind, a person with tough skin and a weak mind makes for a weak opponent.

Corporal punishment weakens psychological strength. One of Dr. If parents can really open their eyes and just look at the negativity and violence that was a part of the world at one point, they can slowly start to convince themselves to get off of the hamster wheel. Many psychologists and sociologists attribute the high levels of violence in society 60 years ago to the existence of corporal punishment in schools.

When Straus, [a researcher, professor, and sociologist] was teaching a course on the family in , the year the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Kennedy were killed, he learned during a class discussion that almost all of his students had been spanked. Surprised, he checked with students in other classes and found the same results…There, he found the practice associated with problems such as an In the past, assassinations, murders, and violence wreaked havoc in American streets. Murray Strauss, a vocal psychologist and activist against corporal punishment, has been disproving corporal punishment for decades now with thousands of pages of experiments and studies to back him up.

The best predictor of the future effects of corporal punishment are the past effects of corporal punishment. If parents do not get off of this hamster wheel, they are only setting themselves up for this same effect. Minimizing corporal punishment in schools is one of the reasons for this decrease Belkin, At first glance, these statistics might not seem like it is related to parents, but if parents could significantly decrease corporal punishment at home, they can play an active role in truly making the world a safer place for the next generation.

Parenting is not taken lightly by most parents. Being a parent is difficult. Finding the balance between how much discipline is too much and how much is too little can be challenging. Especially when the school system, the local community, and local police mostly blame the faults of children on the parents.

Essay about The Case Against Corporal Punishment

Parents have to think about how to teach their children to act independently and speak correctly around law enforcement. The stress of these decisions does not lie in what has to be taught, but rather how these If a parent is too overzealous, the neighbors or the school might call Child Protective Services.

If there is not enough enforcement, the school and the community blames the parent for not being firm enough.

Either way, parents receive a healthy dose of blame all the way around every scenario. Which explains the stress that parents undergo while running on the hamster wheel. But the sad news about the hamster wheel is many parents were once children whose parents were also on the hamster wheel. These current parents had a front row seat to the effects of spanking. Instead of taking courses on childhood education and learning alternatives to corporal punishment, many parents find themselves stuck on the same recycled wheel. With information like this, parents can arm their educational arsenal to prevent themselves from being mere statistics.