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Plastic Waste Problem - Ways to reduce Plastic Waste

Many people consciously find ways in which they can use the same things numerously. Thinking outside the box and a strong desire to save the planet from pollution can inspire everyone to find some practical or even creative ways to use the product again. Using aluminium cans again for home plants or in the garden, for instance, is more relevant than throwing them out. The same may be applied to plastic milk bottles that can be used for the bird feeders placed in your garden.

As for metal caps used for glass bottles, they can be used instead of small candles to decorate a garden or a house. Polyethylene packets are not disposable, they can be used at least twice or even more depending on the usage and their strengths. Such small actions can not only save the environment, but be helpful for people. Apart from it all, it is recommended to adopt a healthy approach to the question of recycling. For example, by buying the products that can be easily recycled such as tin cans or glass jars, or choosing eco-products that are already made of the recycled materials one can start making a difference today.

In addition, having a recycle bin at home would be useful as it can help solve the problem of recycling before it becomes global. Prices Order Original Essay Theoriginalessay. Original Essay. And recycling companies may have a big impact on the environment. Talking about recycling is easy, and actually doing it is a bit difficult. When I began to become more aware of the reasons for recycling, I noticed that I was taking time to stop thinking myself before choosing a trash can and recycle trash can.

The easiest way is to recycle the product, not to find a way to discard and reuse the product Strong, The long-term impact of pollution is unknown, but the initial indicator suggests that its impact may damage many living organisms and pose health risks. There are two types of recycling, one recycling and two recycling. Primary recycling is to recycle the product to a new type of product, such as recycling the bottle of water into a bottle of fresh water. Secondary recycling is to recycle recyclable products to another product.

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This is true if soda cans are recycled into aluminum car parts. Unfortunately, none of these processes has reached the achievable level. Ordinary people can help solve problems by setting up a regular recycling process for themselves. If one person finishes a bottle of water or a soda can each time, it is very useful for them to put it in classified bottles instead of garbage. Keep in mind that this may be the most difficult part of the process, but there are many good things to do if people acquire the habit of separating recyclable materials from the rest of the garbage. Recycling is the source of community activities.

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Manufacture of recycling plants, recycled products and recycling-related materials such as recycling bottles all contribute to the expansion of employment of the economy. For those who have not received much education recycling can be a good source of middle class work. Along with renewable energy, recycling is a source of green employment and some think it is important for the strong economy of the 21st century.

Recycling may be an entrance to other forms of environmental protection. Homeowners can start composting or installing solar panels through recycling and graduation. Recycling is an easy way to do something that is environmentally friendly, especially in cities that offer recyclable ones at the roadside, which may lead to changes in other green lifestyles. The panel lasts about 30 years and then goes directly to the landfill site. More pollution and more waste.

Although some parts of the solar panel can be recycled, some parts can not be recycled and have the advantage of being highly toxic. For recycling, solar panels are sent to most countries in the world where low-wage workers are exposed to harmful substances during demolition work. The recycling process itself requires energy and transportation, creating waste.

As wind is an unstable and unpredictable energy source, a spare gas source is needed. Since the backup system operates only intermittently, efficiency gets worse. Therefore, in the absence of a turbine, more carbon dioxide will be generated when operating continuously.

Wind power generation seems to be wonderful in theory, but it does not actually work. Another useless product, no one other than shareholders has benefit.

Introduction A. Pay attention to inhalation: How many of you have a dog. Relevance: I am convinced that many of you like to buy puppies and scroll through many websites full of cute pictures of healthy puppies. The puppy factory makes the dog's life a very torture.

All puppy factories should be banned as they brutally treat these poor innocent animals.

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Puppy factory was founded in the s after the Second World War. Farmers like this idea because farmers' dogs are inexpensive and do not suffer physically more than agricultural crops. They do not have to worry about the weather again. Farmers bring their poultry house and rabbit home and reuse them in dogs and retail pet industry On May 1, , MSNBC broadcasted a report on the puppy factory. There host talk show host Oprah Winfrey revealed a problematic and obviously cruel industry.

The radio show shows that small cages with small cages piled from floor to ceiling, the floor of chicken, and many dogs are living their lives in these small cages. Many of these dogs are sold to the Internet and pet retailers to buyers who do not understand the dog's career. The report insists that customers opposing this puppy's handling unconsciously prosper the industry. It also pointed out that many puppies keeping dogs are suffering from long-term health problems. Internet sales, flea market, face-to-face sales, and most pet shops selling puppies get these dogs from a puppy's factory.

A dog from a puppy factory is sick and nonsocial. A female dog is in a narrow cage alone, but there are few personal attention. When a mother and a father's dog can not breed, they are abandoned or killed. Puppy factory puppies suffer from various health problems due to poor hygiene and lack of precautionary veterinary care.

Recently our planet is full of waste. There are lots of garbage, vinyl garbage, and electronic garbage. We constantly produce it and throw it away when new products are needed. Our waste accumulates and accumulates like a mountain. Plastic waste is one of the biggest problems we are facing now.

Our solution to this problem is recycling. In my opinion, recycling is a way to manage old things to new ones.

We can 3R reduce waste management, reuse and recycle Peter, By reusing it, you can reduce the clothes you discarded. Recycling is very important, but plastic recycling generates waste. To recover plastics, it consumes a lot of energy and resources, and due to its molecular structure it becomes sensitive to heat.

This means that it can only be used for certain products such as bumper stickers and textiles.

Recycling And Recycling Of Plastic Essay -- Recycling, Pollution, Plasti

The paper is still dirty though. Further, it is forced into a screen where remaining dirt is taken out like glue or plastic particles. Air bubbles carry the ink up to the surface and pulp which sinks to the bottom. That pulp is now clean and can be formed into new paper products. Steel — Steel can be recycled over and over again without losing any of its properties. With the help of the liquid floating system, high air-pressure system, steel is separated from other metal and then it is cut down further by Hydraulic machinery by exerting enormous pressure. Sometimes gas and plasma arch are used too.

Steel is then melted down and shaped into new items like — cans, utensils, car parts, paper clips etc. Glass pieces are sorted into colored, clear, brown and green color. Differentiating colors is important as it is permanent. Glass is made of Silica, which is melted down and molded into new shapes and products.

Aluminum — Similar to steel, once it is separated there is nothing much to do with it when it comes to making aluminum re-usable. Then they are shipped to manufacturers where they are melted again and rolled into thin sheets that can be cut, bent and shaped into new products. Plastic — Plastic is made of one of 6 different types of chemicals — Polyethylene terephthalate, high-density polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, low-density polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene. Each plastic has a different molecular structure which determines the physical properties of the plastic, which means some plastic is easier to recycle than the others.

Plastic is made of large carbon chains so some of the forms of plastic can be melted down and reformed while others can be mixed with new plastic and yet others can only be molded into other shapes for different uses. Almost anything can be recycled and waste can be given new shape for re-usage but still there are some items and materials like computers, batteries, light bulb etc which are complex to recycle as they largely contain toxins. Hence, we must dispose of them responsibly. We humans have done lot of harm to the atmosphere over the years.

It can prevent pollution; can save the environment and help create more useful items. Recycling is a vital factor in preserving natural resources and greatly contributes towards improving the environment. Recycling in and around the home is quite simple once you have the knowledge. By thinking rigorously regarding what product you purchase at the food market and the way to recycle them is the beginning towards economical recycling.

Essay on The Importance of Recycling

By recycling garden products and planting trees, you can help improve the environment in your garden. Following these simple steps we might contribute a little for the environment which shall certainly be fruitful in the long run. This would not only benefit the environment but also the individuals.